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I won’t pretend that I’m not thrilled to see my baby come out in paperback (and audio book) a year and a half after its original INDIE ebook release. Because the road to get here has been quite an interesting one, full of potholes and many joyous surprises. But that’s not why I cried this morning.

SUN GOD, is the first book I actually wrote, knowing people would read it.  What the HELL does that mean? Well, the first two books were hatched before I had any readers or hope of publishing.  But SUN GOD….was a book I wrote for my fans who’d joined me along the way in this crazy journey.  

And now, I’m reminded every time I walk into a store and see any novel on a shelf that every dream begins with a thought. One simple thought.  One simple desire. Mine was to write books I loved with the hope that someone out there might love them, too, and that the stories could help someone, a working, stressed-out mom like myself, find a few hours of relief and smiles. When I wrote Sun God, it was with the sunny lens that my dream had come true.

So, happy pub day, my dear sweet SUN GOD.  You’ll always make me smile! And once again, thank you readers.