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I’m guessing that you’re not!  But if you’re like most women, there’s probably one aspect of yourself that you loathe.  The question is this: How much does this one aspect influence how you see the world around you and your place in it?  Does your “fugly” tell you that you can’t have things or live your dreams?

Lily Snow is a bright, strong, feisty woman with just about everything going for her.  Except her face.  She believes that her strong sense of self is enough to help her rise above caring about her looks.

But then she meet Maxwell Cole.  He’s intimidating, blunt, successful, and about as sexy as they come.  Only, he has a very strange secret. And HE WANTS HER HELP.

When Lily and Mr. Cole meet, it’s a GIANT explosion of ugliness.  But it’s also the moment that their lives start to change.  Because they might be able to lie to themselves, but they can’t lie to each other.

So once the walls come down, what happens?  You’ll have to read the story, of course! 

I hope you enjoy.