New & Improved! Books 1 & 2 are in stores and AUDIO! So what did I change from the original ebooks?


When Grand Central Publishing took over my series, they did two wonderful things: 

1. They refreshed the covers so people could tell the new version apart from the old, (yummy new covers!) AND…

2. They gave me a great editor! While both books were fully re-edited, ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE WITH A GOD also has a new steamy scene! (My readers asked for it, so I gave it to them!)

Overall, the stories flow smoother, Helena and Emma are a bit less…well, there’s a little less of their flaws showing through, and the heroes–Guy and Niccolo–are a little more alpha. Still the same, crazy stories, though!

And, I guess, Grand Central did a third thing! They made them into Audiobooks! It’s a trip to hear the stories being read aloud, but the way she does VOTAN is hysterical!  Great job! 

ANYHOOO, I’m really proud of the work the team has done and to be able to finally offer readers a real paperback to hold! SUN GOD will follow in Feb, APPLY in April, and OVER in AUG!  Somewhere in there…(Jan.) Cimil will come out, too (ebook) only. It’s going to be a busy nine months for our vampires and gods!




P.S. DON’T FORGET to join us for our next live, Man Candy Show!

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