3 thoughts on “IT’s HERE!! FATE BOOK is NOW Available in eBook on B&N and Amazon”

  1. Really Mimi?!! Amazon US link, Amazon UK link, B&N link, BUT NO Amazon CANADA’s link??!!!! That’s it!! I’m going back to UK!!
    In case you didn’t realize it there are readers in Canada too!! I guess?!?! right?!!
    But no worries, I’d bought the book last night!!! yayyyy!! Though still waiting for a “none hubby” time to get to it! you know it’s really hard to replace your steamy books with him while he’s watching and mumbling that “I know what you’re doing and I don’t like it” !!! haha! 😉

    1. But… isn’t Canada, like… just part of the U.S., anyway? LOL!

      I am so glad you’re already becoming a patriot, Hida! Did you buy a giant parka yet?

      1. HaHa!! the giant parka was brilliant!! well not yet, but seems that I should sooner or later 😉
        By the way, been reading the book (yet not more than one third through!), but it’s fantastic just like the others, it’s really hard to put it down! and it’s EXCITING!!! You’re always the best Mimi!!

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