EVIL & Book Availability Update – NON-US READERS

A BIG HELLO to my UK, Australian, South African, New Zealand, Irish, Scottish, Italian–okay, you get the point–READERS!

First, I want to thank everyone for their patience!  I know my books just disappeared off of Amazon. Why? Well, turns out that traditional publishers play by different rules when it comes to selling ebooks outside the U.S. 


Second, the publisher has agreed to let me put my existing books (Books 1-3) back up for sales ASAP. (KEEP a look out on my webpage and Facebook for news on this.)  


Third, ACCIDENTALLY EVIL? (Book 3.5) will be available outside of the U.S., but looks like not until summer.  The publisher is working to make this sooner!  I am so very sorry.


FINALLY, the GOOD NEWS, is that they plan to have everything ironed out by summer, which means there won’t be a delay in getting VAMPIRES NEED NOT…APPLY? (Book 4 and the sequel to SUN GOD) out to everyone on time.


Again, I just want to thank all you wonderful people out there for your patience.  









3 thoughts on “EVIL & Book Availability Update – NON-US READERS”

  1. not a good news, AT ALL! Accidentally evil for summer? really?! I’m gonna send the gods to smite the evil arses behind it!! don’t make me come to US only to buy the book sooner!

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