I can’t speak for ALL vampires, but I can tell you what my vampire dreams of!  Kissing librarians!  Okay, not all librarians, but HIS librarian. And there’s a dang good reason for it: they share of a love of books. She’s also smart and not hard on the eyes.

But that doesn’t mean it’s all peaches and cream or that they’ll end up a couple. SAY IT ISN’T SO, MIMI!

For starters, Michael, our ancient, fearless vampire who’s over four hundred years old but looks twenty, actually hates libraries. Ick! Sharing!  Vampires don’t care for it at all.

Next, Miriam the librarian has no clue he’s a vampire.  I mean, who would guess it? He walks in the sun (something all vampires do, but humans don’t know about). He loves coffee and spicy vegan food more than he likes blood. But sooner or later, she’s going to find out his secret. And then what? Would a woman like her accept a commitment-phobe like Michael, who also happens to be a powerful leader of two territories (not a college student)?

Who knows? But in the meantime, Michael has some SERIOUSLY important mysteries to solve in order to keep Miriam alive! I just hope his obsession with her doesn’t get in the way!



From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes a humorous standalone mystery, The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant, Book 2. (Yep! It’s a standalone. The boring title is just to mess with you!)


Michael Vanderhorst has always been a lone wolf. Or lone vampire? Whatever. Point is, this ancient gentleman vampire is obsessed. She’s quirky, a horrible dresser, and the cutest librarian he’s ever seen. The question is, why her? In four hundred years, no one has ever captured his attention like this. He must find out, which is why he just signed on as her new assistant.

The problem is, she has no idea vampires exist or that she’s just broken one of their laws. As the leader of his territory, Michael has been ordered by his council to turn her or kill her. “Over my dead body!”

To overturn the ruling, Michael needs the council on his side, and right now they’re asking him to hunt down and execute five hundred vampires no one can seem to locate. Unfortunately, his assassin days are long over, and he’s not so sure he can go back to killing.

But with Miriam’s life on the line and their unusual bond growing stronger each day, will he dust off the old sword or give her the bite that will make her his forever?

More Info & BUY Links: https://goo.gl/UShKUJ

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  1. I love his T-shirt — I bought one for my son at a Fountain Pen Show. Please send us a sign if you are being held hostage by Mr. No So Nice.

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