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I think it’s kind of rare that an author gets to launch a book twice like this.  Accidentally in Love With a God was my first novel, published in Jan. 2012, and it’s sold about 100K e-copies by now.  But that’s not the COOL part. NOPE!

The cool part is the story about my readers. Yup!  They were the ones who really who took a chance, read the thing, sent emails (and tons of funny jokes), and made me want to keep writing!  Seriously, I know if it weren’t for them, I would have quit!  Bottom line…this book coming out has more to do with them, then it does me. Weird but true! 

So tomorrow, my novel comes out AGAIN! In paperback. And I can’t tell you how COOOOOL it is to see this happen and have so many fun people to share this with, the same people who took a chance on me with this very book!

AND on November 19th, my second book will follow! ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED TO A VAMPIRE?  

My fans rock! They truly do. THANK YOU…


(PS- Those mean people can’t stop us!)