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Tommaso Trivia

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Tommaso Trivia GIVEAWAY!

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And now what really happened!!

#1: Why did Tommaso believe he’d tied Charlotte up and put her in his closet?

  • A. No one is really sure—he was probably just going crazy. He had already met Charlotte and unknowingly began to bond with her, syphoning off some of her nightmares.
  • B. Tommaso did actually put Charlotte in his closet after following her home from the mixer, kidnapping her, and bringing her back to his place. Of course, he hadn’t turned fully evil yet, so he’d let her go. Still, a total relationship deal breaker. So, because I actually like Tommaso and had been keeping an eye on him, I covered for him by having my sister, the Goddess of Forgetfulness, wipe both their memories clean. Didn’t work so well on Tommy, but don’t say I never try.
  • C. None of the above. Or all of the above. I can’t remember.

ANSWER: B! At the end of the first IMMORTAL MATCHMAKERS, INC. story, Tommaso is following Charlotte home in her car after spotting her leaving the mixer. She actually looks in her rearview mirror and sees him on her tail. Yes, their happy ever after required lots of Cimil-ization to get them to the finish line.

#2: What exactly did Tommaso do during his blackouts? 

  • A. He kidnapped Charlotte.
  • B. He got pepper sprayed after telling a woman she looked fat.
  • C. He went to a strip club and stole the strawberry-scented strip-pole lube.
  • D. He broke into the zoo, freed the lions, and stole their meat, hoping to lure them to the golf course so they’d eat the golfers.
  • E. He washed a load of Char’s white laundry and added a red sock.
  • F. ALL of the above.

ANSWER: F. All of the Above.

At the beginning of the book, after kidnapping Charlotte (a mess I cleaned up) when he found himself covered in Cherry Slurpee, he had been driving around in his car, flipping people off on the freeway. Then he realized he was getting low on gas and stopped at 7-Eleven to fill up his tank, where he proceeded to tell a woman on her way to work that she looked fat. Her response was to pull pepper spray from her purse and let him have it. He ran inside the store and proceeded to flush his burning eyes at the Slurpee machine. The cold apparently woke him up. That’s the point at which the story begins for him.

Later, at the resort and after beating the crap out of the two rude Uchben guards, he decided he needed to have a little more evil fun. So he then stole a golf cart and went to a strip club to party, ended up stealing their pole lube, and then made a trip to the zoo, where he freed the animals, including the lions. On his way home, he was enjoying the stickiness of the lube, so he decided all golf carts should be so lucky. Thankfully, Guy and his other Uchben were keeping an eye on Tommaso, so the lions were recaptured quickly. Sadly, the jaguar is still roaming free somewhere in Palm Springs. The golf carts are no longer sticky but still smell kind of fruity.

#3: Why didn’t Charlotte remember meeting Tommaso at my awesome immortal singles mixer?

  • A. SEE #1.
  • B. SEE #1.
  • C. SEE #1.

ANSWER: Do I need to spell it out?

 #4: Why didn’t Tommaso realize that Charlotte looked like her cousin Sadie?

  • A. SEE #1.
  • B. SEE #1.
  • C. SEE #1.

ANSWER: Do I really need to spell it out again?

 #5: How did Char learn to golf?

  • A. Her obsessed mother made her learn for self-defense after the incident.
  • B. Charlotte became inspired by her mother’s lethal use of the club against a Maaskab.
  • C. She signed up for golf lessons at college while studying finance, like her mother, but immediately fell in love and switched majors.


#6: In what two parts of the story do I appear in disguise?

  • A. I never appear in disguise.
  • B. I am one of the Uchben guards following Tommaso around.
  • C. I appear as a disco ball and a tub of frosting in my own basement.
  • D. I am, in fact, the dude with the red beard who rented the Jeep to Charlotte in Mexico—had to keep an eye on her, yanno. I also appear as the googly-eyed waitress at the engagement party gone wrong—I needed to check in on my two little lovebirds. (What? You think these stories just work out magically on their own?)



All righty, my tiny Ciminions, it is time for me to get to work. Zac awaits me at the office and there are many immortals to fuck with—whoops, I mean help.

Hasta La We Go!

7 Awesome winners will get one of the following!


Unicorn Poop (Smells like fecal rainbow! LOL) + Signed copy of Tommaso + Immortal Matchmakers Tote + Signed copy of Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. + “Make Zac Happy. Go to Work NAKED!” Bumpersticker + Magnet and Bookmark

unicorn pool


Unicorn finger puppet gift pack + signed copy of Tommaso + Immortal Matchmakers Tote + Signed copy of Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. + “Make Zac Happy. Go to Work NAKED!” Bumpersticker + Magnet and Bookmark

unicorn prize 2


Signed copy of Tommaso + “Make Zac Happy. Go to Work NAKED!” Bumpersticker + Magnet and Bookmark

Happy reading everyone and good luck!

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