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Readers!  Today day is an awesome day.  Way ahead of the planned May 15th release day, MERMEN and its sequel MERMADMEN are officially out and ready for your hungry eyes!

Before you dive in (har-har!) I’d like to explain something: these are not the mermen you’re used to. There are no fins.  No shimmering scaly tails.  Definitely no gills.  And no matter how good they look, no matter their grace and power and prowess, you do not want to cross paths with these mermen.

So WHY don’t they have any fish parts?  I mean, wouldn’t that just make them regular dudes?  Well, I don’t want to spoil all of the surprises, but you know how those critters in the Galapagos Islands evolved in their own unique way? It’s like that. Only, the mermen’s island is way more special and caused some particular…well, changes.

As for why they’re so mean? ESPECIALLY to women? That’s easy. They hate humans. We pollute their ocean, we’re a threat to their island, and we are weak.  Oh boy, do mermen hate weakness.  Anyway, these bad boys hold no love for our kind, but I’m wondering…could that change? Could THEY change with the right catalyst?

Only time will tail…

(Get? Tail. Haha.)

I hope you all love this new scary adventure and my spin on mer-people.  Now go!  Go forth and read!