I’m happy to announce that MACK is coming February 9th! (This is a standalone, continuation of the original KING TRILOGY.) And what’s KING up to now? Well…you’ll just have to read and find out. (Hehe) But for those who love my story breakdowns, keep reading….**TINY SPOILER ALERT**

What’s Mack Really All About? (*Spoiler Alert*)

MackBookmarkFrontOkay, so this story’s meaning isn’t as complex as some of the others I write, but it’s a theme I’m sure we can all relate to. Ready? It’s about love! I know…shocker, right? LOL. But in this case, it’s about the love we need versus the love we’re given.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Mimi, don’t get all squirrelly and philosophical on us!” But I fear I must! Haha…

Because now that I have two growing boys, who always seem at odds with my definition of love, it’s a topic front and center in my life. They always want. I always want to give. But I know in the back of my mind that if I really love them, I’ll give them what they need (but it won’t make them happy). This has really made me start to think about the true definition of love: making someone I love happy, which makes me happy, versus making their lives better.

Okay, so the parent-child analogy is easy. But when you migrate into the grown-up world, the lines begin to blur.

We’ve all been guilty of doing something in the name of love, only to discover that the recipient (sibling, spouse, friend, etc.) of our sacrifice wasn’t so pleased. Or we’ve been on the receiving end of the “gift” of love that wasn’t what we needed. The point is that many times people THINK they’re helping and giving love when in reality our true needs never crossed their minds.

King kept killing off Teddi, thinking he was saving his brother from dying. When, in reality, he was destroying this person he loved. Because what Mack really needed was King to just be his brother and show him compassion. Like himself, Mack had lived through hell and was struggling with his own demons. But because Mack was the “suffer in silence” type, he never asked King for what he really needed—he didn’t really know how. And King just kept on giving and giving (death to poor Teddi).

Likewise, King had asked Mack to end his life (in Minoa). King used the excuse of love (“if you love me, you’ll do this” argument), but the truth was that what King really needed was for his brother to give him a kick in the pants. They were both too blind to see it.

The point is that love isn’t always giving the other person what they want. Love isn’t always giving them what you want. Love is about making those hard choices and laddering up to see the big picture so you can give the other person what they truly need. But that, too, is what it’s all about: taking the time to think it through and honor your special relationship by giving it the attention it’s worth. I need to do more of this in my life, for sure!

I know this didn’t blow anyone’s mind, but that’s what the story is about (and is a reflection of what’s been going on in my life).

So! I hope you enjoyed, because the next chapter of the King Series is going to be frivolously gluttonous, hot alpha-man-archy! (Hey, it’s no fun to be deep all the time! LOL.)




From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Comes the Story of Mack, a Continuation of the King Trilogy


MY NAME IS MACK. And if I play my cards right, I will soon be dead. Permanently. Not even my powerful twin brother will be able to resurrect me. A good thing. Because a man like me has no business living. Not when I have killed. Not when I have betrayed everyone I have ever cared for. Not when I know I’m destined to do it again.

This is why I have come looking for her—the only one capable of ending me once and for all. But will she think I’m just another insane patient? Or will she believe the truth? I am thousands of years old, my heart too dark to be salvaged.


MY NAME IS TEDDI, short for Theodora. My entire life has been a canvas of grays, whites, and black. I can’t feel, I can’t understand joy, I’ve never truly lived. Until now. His name is Mack, and though he believes he’s cursed, my degree in psychology tells me otherwise. Besides, someone who’s capable of bringing so much light into my life can’t be anything but good.

But I can save him. If he’ll let me.


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Print: Coming Feb. 2016