HAPPY PUB DAY KING OF ME! Here’s what to expect….

Well, everyone, the stars aligned and instead of a Nov. 1 release date, I was able to get the book out early!  WOO HOO!!!  (I love that about being Indie!)

I really HOPE everyone enjoys Book 3 of the King Trilogy.  If you’re wondering what to expect, I can tell you that in this book you will REALLY, REALLY get to know King, inside and out.  Mia is in for one hell of a rough ride. (Poor girl.)  And I can tell you that the story takes us on some unexpected twists and turns.  By CHAPTER 2, you should be scratching your head, wondering where the journey will lead as a few “issues” are resolved early.  Also, we won’t be seeing much of the 10 Club in this book or of the other characters in the 1st two installments.  Why?  Well, you’ll see….





P.S. Want to SEE me read a little passage from the book??  Ha!  YOUTUBE Video


56 thoughts on “HAPPY PUB DAY KING OF ME! Here’s what to expect….”

  1. Oh my! i knew i was missing something^^;; i was surprised to see it released when not on my month’s list now i understand it’s a great surprise ( happy one)

    i will need to wait until bookdepository get it though it’s not even on the pre order list so far^^;;

    Congrats on teh new release!!!!!

  2. I absolutely love, love, love Mimi Jean’s writing, and have read every book that’s been published so far, EXCEPT for the King Trilogy… Why? you ask… Well, I am so terribly impatient that I go a little crazy after I’ve read one of her awesome books while waiting for the next book in the series to be released. So, this time I decide that I was going to wait until the series was complete to start reading, so that as soon as I’m finished with one book I can go right to the next without enduring any of my “waiting-craziness.” Okay folks, that’s it, I can’t wait any longer, I’m off to start the series now!! If you haven’t given any of Mimi’s books a try yet, I highly recommend it. After all, what woman doesn’t love reading about funny, witty characters that make you literally LOL, smokin’ hot, Alpha man-candy and the women who bring them to their knees?! Happy Reading!! 🙂

  3. I’m sooo happy that the third book is out now and not in november, so I can finaly read the whole series.


  4. Wooooooot! *bounces excitedly* I’ll be scouring Amazon UK til I can get my copy!
    Grats on the early release Mimi! I can’t wait to read it! =)

  5. OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!!!!!! Did you hear me scream when I saw the book is out NOW?! LOl. Will we be seeing a spinoff series from King trilogy?

  6. I can finally scratch another one off my wish list! It’s finally here! YAY!! Love, love, love your books!

  7. I am so happy that the third book is out early. I will be getting it as soon as I can log onto my amazon account. I absolutely love your books and am waiting some what patiently for the next fate book to come out so I can read about their next adventure.

  8. Just bought King of me and can’t wait to start it. I loved the first 2 books. So, I’m starting completely over so I can fall in love with King all over again. Thanks for writing, Mimi.

  9. Loved King of Me! What a great ending. All of your questions answered and some surprises too. Does Mia choose King or will she choose family? The answer isn’t found till the very end. So wish there was more of King to come, but what a way to end.

  10. Congratulations Mimi! I always look forward to reading your books! They are so much fun. It is always something that I look for in my book reading!

  11. King of me was the first email that I opened this morning!! Clicked on the Amazon link IMMEDIATELY!! Gotta call all my girls and tell then it’s out there!!! ( I am waaayy too excited!)

  12. Though it will be hard to say goodbye to the King Trilogy, I will recommend this series for years to come!

  13. Yay, I can finally sit down and read binge on the whole series! I did not want to start on it until all of them were out and the wait is now over!!

  14. Once I started reading King Of Me, I could not put it down, I read the entire book without a break, what an exciting couple of hours I had, I loved it!

  15. So I have just read the King Trilogy in 4 days. Non-stop. Could not put them down. I’m usually not into the whole mythical type magic books but OH MY GOD. I flippin’ loved this trilogy. I am super impressed. But also so sad that’s it’s over. BUT I can absolutely not wait for Mack’s book to come out!
    Mimi, I love you! Keep these books coming, I’m off to Amazon to buy more or your books 🙂

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