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HAPPY PUB DAY, CIMIL!!!  (Please, do not smite me.)
Dear Cimil,
I know you wish it had been a full-length novel, but too much of a good thing is bad. And your story is a bit, well, batshit crazy!  But in preparation for the final Accidentally Yours novel, (Accidentally Over?) the readers needed to hear your side of the story. I can only hope that after reading it they do not scratch out their eyes or run through the streets naked, screaming for Minky. ‘Cause your insanity is contagious!
Yours Truly,
Mimi J.
ALSO…Cimil will be giving away signed bookmarks (yes, signed by her)! Just drop an email to  And if you write a review, please do let me know! Not only to I SUPER appreciate it, but I will have a special extra something for you.(WARNING: It does contain the F-WORD as it is from the naughty God of Truth, Maax.)  INTERNATIONAL READERS: Cimil should hit etailers in 1-2 days!