Hi All! Today, my indie-published books moved to Hachette Group (Grand Central Publishing). Please excuse any temporary blips on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc. as the titles are taken down under my name and republished under theirs!


3 thoughts on “eBOOKS JUST MOVED!”

  1. Congrats Mimi! I was worried sick I couldn’t find any books of yours on amazon!! Well that’s a relief now!

    By the way I couldn’t find the accidentally evil on Amazon UK, should I wait till the release date or a pre order will be available on the UK site?

    Oh, and about the “Vampires need not …apply?”, the price on amazon UK is £9.27, which is around $15; Really??!! Cause it seems a bit too expensive for an ebook!! Although I will buy your books even if they will cost 10 times more!, I wanted to be sure about the price before pre ordering it.

    Great day Mimi and cheers for the accidentally evil! Can’t wait to read it! 😉

  2. Hida!!! Hey lady!

    Evil will definitely be there. I think the uploads take a little longer. Give it a week. 🙂

    Yeah! $15 for my following book! I’m totally worth it!! Right??? LOL…okay. KIdding. Actually, there are TWO versions, that one is the Print on Demand–for those who MUST have a print copy before the Mass Market comes out next year. The eBOOK link will be the normal sane price–should be posted pretty soon, here. HUGS–MIMI

    1. Oh! two good news then! 😉 I’ll be waiting for the ebook version of the fourth book for now; but who knows I may be seducing myself to own a real paper of the treasure later 😀
      And as to answer your question: YES YOU DEFINITELY WORTH EVEN THE HIGHEST PRICES OF ALL! Believe me, you’re the best Mimi.
      Big HUGS!

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