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CoverFinalLG-FateBook2 v2

Hi All!

I’m sure you can tell from the book blurb that Dakota’s happy-ever-after at the end of Fate Book #1 didn’t end up so happy.  Poor Dakota… 🙁

I blame my readers!  Yep.  Dakota and Paolo were all ready to ride off into the sunset, but you guys asked for another book. (And you know how much I love you guys.)  SOOO…that got me thinking!  What would life really be like for Dakota after she went into hiding and her real identity was exposed to her father’s enemies?  Personally, I think it would suck!

Put yourself in her shoes. You’d always be looking over your shoulder, afraid someone might recognize you.  You couldn’t have direct contact with your best friend or casually call your mother to chat.  Every aspect of your life would become about survival. THEN…and maybe this is just me, but I would start to wonder why I really wanted to marry my bodyguard.  Do I REALLY love him?  Or do I love that he makes me feel safe?  Finally, how in the world would I ever be able to find myself and grow if my life was all about staying alive?

Anyway, these questions were the fuel for Fate Book Two… So while it’s NOT A TRADITIONAL ROMANCE, Dakota’s relationship with Paolo and her love for him are still the central element.

But will Dakota’s endeavor to find lasting happiness lead her to a life with Paolo?  You’ll just have to read and find out!  Hehehe…



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