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IM1 magnetImmortal Matchmakers, Inc. is finally here!!  Woohoo!!!!  Now, I know not everyone has read the Accidentally Yours series (and they absolutely DO NOT have to in order to enjoy this new series of STAND ALONE stories), but I was NOT happy with the way it ended. I mean, come on!  Minky didn’t ever hook up. Neither did Gabran or Sentin or the Payals or Belch or any of the other hotties I so loved.

That’s just not good!  Am I right?

Sooooo…that got me thinking. There were just too many immortals left without their special someone. What would Cimil do?  How would she handle such a predicament?  SHE’D OPEN A MATCHMAKING AGENCY, of course!

Anyway, I will confess the idea came to me after watching the TV show Millionaire Matchmaker. Some of the crazies that show up looking for love reminded me a little of my characters.

So each book will be a “DATING EPISODE” if you will.  The God of Temptation, Zac, his assistant Tula, and Cimil, The Goddess of the Underworld, will attempt to pair up some of the most dysfunctional immortals on the planet, which won’t be easy!  But it will be deliciously fun to watch them try!


KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THE NEXT BOOKS in the series coming in 2016 and 2017!


God of Wine (Belch)

Brutus (the warrior who doesn’t speak)

Colel, the Mistress of Bees

The Goddess of Forgetfulness (no one remembers her name, sadly)


Until then, HAPPY READING!!