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Hi All! I hope life is treating you well!

First, I want to thank everyone who recently signed up for my mailing list, sent emails, posted on Facebook, or Tweeted your words of support! If for any reason you didn’t hear a “thank you” from me, just know that I did read them all! (I think I lost count around #2,000, but I read them all!) You guys/gals rock!!

1. Sun God Seeks…Surrogate? (Book 3)
A big THANK YOU to everyone who bought the book and showed their support. I knew the ending would be a SHOCKER to some, but by now you know I’m always trying to keep you guessing. And let me tell you, that’s no easy chore! You read a lot of books, so you’ve seen it all.

Anyhoooo (as Cimil likes to say), what comes next will be a twisty, fun, steamy ride. The way the story plays out, there are two more novels and two more novellas planned until we find out how things conclude for our wonderful friends (Cimil, Votan, Emma, Granny, Andrus, Tommaso, Niccolo, Helena, Penelope, Kinich, Zac, the other gods, the Uchben, Maaskab, and Payals—oh! And one more new character who’s coming).

Book 3.5 – Accidentally…Evil? A novella about Chaam, the God of Male Virility
Book 4—Sequel to Book 3, To Be Announced (I have a title picked out. I think you’re going to LOVE it! (Hint: Lots of vampires down on their luck in this book—one of which may have been the Sun God once).
Book 4.5—Accidentally…Cimil? A novella about…YOU GUESSED IT! CIMIL!!! (Oh my…this one is going to be strange!)
Book 5—The Finale (Maybe? As Cimil also likes to say, “It ain’t over until the cruise ship pulls into port and the Love Boat theme song plays.”) I don’t want to give ANYTHING away, so….I won’t! 

2. BOOK 3.5, ACCIDENTALLY…EVIL? (a Novella) Update:
Sadly, I do not have a release date for you yet, but hopefully soon! I can tell you that I spent Saturday morning finishing the second draft. I cried for two hours while Chaam and Maggie faced their fates. YES! I cried! It was that emotional. Then I laughed because I realized I was actually feeling traumatized by my own characters. LOL! Can you say, “Cuckoo?”

Well, you’ll be happy to know that there are also funny parts sprinkled in (but, of course). My fav has something to do with a lonely and confused cricket.

Will keep you posted on that release date!

3. October Fun
Halloween is hands down my most favorite holiday. Not to say that I don’t like the others, but what’s not to LOOOVE about dressing up, eating free candy, and decorating one’s house like a spooky morgue? Here’s a pic of my front porch: Theme is, “Need a hand with your romance?” Har, har.

I also love that it’s the one time of year I get to say hello to all my neighbors who appreciate that my hubby and I get decked out to take our kids trick or treating. This year, my boys are going as the Grim Reaper and a ninja. (I tried to convince them to go as characters from my books, but I got that “deer in headlights” look from both. Oh well, maybe next year.)

My hubby and I will go as Cimil and her Clown. Cimil’s costume will include a bright red wig, pleather pants, a “Just Say NO to Naked Clowns” shirt, a giant pink fur coat, and a pink scuba mask as a headband. My hubby, will be clothed (of course) and dressed like my worst nightmare. Clowns…ew! Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page for pics after Halloween.!/pages/Mimi-Jean/218935048190356

AND, please feel free to post your pics on my page. Love, love, love sharing.

4. Votan Live Facebook Interview
For anyone who missed it, the fans voted and Votan won! He is crowned the favorite god. And true to his word, if he won, he would grant a live interview on Facebook. Many readers sent in their questions, and I must say that it turned out to be a pretty interesting conversation. Even Cimil jumped in and had some comments. The link is on my Facebook page (it’s pretty darn long), or you can check out a transcript of Votan’s answers to the Q&A on my webpage:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=357642144319645&id=218935048190356

5. Cimil Tee’s
After the fun giveaway in September, some of you have asked where they can get their own Cimil tee shirt. I used to get them made and have now posted the links on my page:

That said, it’s not my intent to sell tee’s on the side (these were made up just for fun!), and this website is pretty darn pricey. When I get some free time (har har), I’ll see if I can find a better option. If you know of something, send it my way! (It would have to be self-serve like Zazzle so people can order on their own.)

6. Amazing Pineapple Mojito Recipe: (Got the basic from the Food Network and then modified)
I’m from California, and it’s true that knowing your wines in this neck of the woods is a competitive sport. But from time to time, we do like to have cocktails. Especially if we are grilling my famous chipotle raspberry ribs! Yumm. (Sauce is raspberry jam, a few mashed chipotle peppers, garlic, onion powder, salt, and pepper.) In any case, this drink is one of my favorites for those Latin inspired BBQ recipes.
• 12 fresh mint leaves
• 2 teaspoons agave syrup (Whole Foods carries it. Use brown sugar as a sub.)
• 2 teaspoons lime juice (fresh is yummier)
• 1 lime, quartered
• Ice cubes
• 4 tablespoons pineapple juice (fresh frozen if you can get it)
• 1/2 cup dark rum (my favorite is Havana Club Añejo, but it’s not sold in the US—oops, contraband!—so if your cousin Juan isn’t into smuggling (NOT saying mine is—lately), then your next best option is Mount Gay.
• 1/2 cup club soda
I like to make a pitcher (oh yes!) but you can do by the glass—just divide ingredients into four. Put mint, sugar, and lime wedges in a large pitcher. Using a pestle or the end of a wooden spoon, mash the mint, sugar/agave syrup, and lime together. Add some ice and top off with some pineapple juice, lime juice, dark rum, and club soda. Stir and serve!


Posted by Itxzel: Is this Zac’s daughter?!/photo.php?fbid=4288088693061&set=p.4288088693061&type=1

Hida from the UK, wearing her awesome tee and holding her prize—a Sun God paperback (Sorry not for sale yet. But hopefully soon!)!/mimi.jean.5/posts/413184582069080

Cimil posted her favorite new music video from the Annoying Orange:

Teri’s daughter made up this one of the Dos Equis man. Very funny!

Have a great Halloween everyone (or just a great October if you don’t celebrate in your country) and happy reading!