Would You Tell Off Your Mean, Hot Boss?

There you are, an intern working for the devil incarnate who makes your life miserable (calls you stupid, insults your clothes, and looks at you with disgust).  The suck factor is so bad that on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 20!  So every day you come to work, dreaming about telling him to f**ck off!  But if you did that you’d likely be fired.

But what if your boss was also the hottest man you’ve ever seen and you suspect (or hope with all your heart) he might be redeemable?  (Because what a waste of a hot man!)  On the other hand, you also have the power to secretly destroy him. (Because maaaybe you secretly own part of the company and you’re not just an intern.)

Would you give him a chance or take him down? 

In DIGGING A HOLE (a stand-alone story), Georgie Walton can’t decide whether she digs her boss or wants to dig his grave (to bury his career, of course).  Which is why at every turn, she’s the one who keeps digging herself into a deeper hole.

When she finally makes her move, it’s a delicious train wreck of twists and turns!  Because her boss has a few secrets, too.

From New York Times Bestseller, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, Comes Book Three of the OHellNO Series, DIGGING A HOLE.




My name is Sydney Lucas. I am smart, deathly shy, and one-hundred percent determined to make my own way in the world. Which is why I jumped at the chance to intern for Mr. Nick Brooks despite his reputation. After ten failed interviews at other companies, he was the only one offering. Plus, everyone says he knows his stuff and surely a man as stunningly handsome as him can’t be “the devil incarnate,” right? Wrong.

Oh…that man. That freakin’ man has got to go! I’ve been on the job one week, and he’s insulted my mother, wardrobe shamed me, and managed to make me cry. Twice. Underneath that stone-cold, beautiful face is the evilest human being ever.

But I’m not going to quit. Oh no. For once in my life, I’ve got to make a stand. Only every time I open my mouth, I can’t quite seem to muster the courage. Perhaps my revenge needs to come in another form: destroying him quietly.

Because I’ve got a secret. I’m not really just an intern, and Sydney Lucas isn’t my real name.


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