Hi All!!!!

Tomorrow, Sept. 3, is the BIG DAY!  Those of you who know me, know that it’s been quite the journey to get here!  Almost one year after Sun God, the sequel is finally here!  It’s a super, super huge bummer that the pub date outside of the U.S. is delayed, but I am 100% confident, come hell or high water, that ebook WILL come out soon.  (For updates, check www.mimijean.net)

Hey, and look at it this way, if the book totally sucks, the US folks get to be the guinea pigs!  LOL!  

GOING TO GO hide out for a few days and let my husband report back on how the book does.  (I’m such a chicken! Hahaha!)





2 thoughts on “U.S. Release – VAMPIRES NEED NOT…APPLY?”

  1. I adore your writing. You make me laugh out loud so hard, there are times when I’m not sure I’ll make it to the ladies room, cuz l have been holding it since l started one of your books. I have them all, and l even bought one twice, thinking (wishful) that it was a new one. I start one and have to sit through until I’m all done, and then l wished l had read it slower. You are.hysterically funny. Please keep writing like you do. Can’t wait for the next one and l agree with you on men in leather pants. That’s how l met my last husband. Thank you sincerely for all the good times

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