Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. Series

Character Definitions – Not the Gods

Andrus: Ex-Demilord (vampire who’s been given the gods’ light), now just a demigod after his maker, the vampire queen, died. He is now happily mated to Sadie, a half-succubus who spends her days feeding off of her delicious new hubby and going to casting calls in LA.

Ashli: Ashli actually belongs over in the GODS section, but since she was born human, we’ll keep her here. Ashli is mate to Máax, God of Time Travel. Unbeknownst to him, he was also the God of Love. Ashli inherited his power after they started falling in love. Maybe the Universe thought a woman should have this power?

Brutus: One of the gods’ elite Uchben warriors. He doesn’t speak much, but that’s because he and his team are telepathic. They are also immortal (a gift from the gods) and next in line to be Uchben chiefs.

Charlotte: Sadie’s golf-loving half-sister and the intended mate to Andrus Grey. Only, Andrus, being the rebel that he is, decided he could pick his own damned woman, Sadie. Charlotte is now happily mated to Tommaso, Andrus’s BBF. They’re one big happy family! Oh, and her daddy is an incubus.

Helena Strauss: Once human, Helena is now a vampire and married to Niccolo DiConti. She has a half-vampire daughter, Matty, who is destined to marry Andrus’s son, according to Cimil.

Margarita Seville: Once a member of the Amish community, Margarita now lives in LA, following her calling to make the world a healthier place. She owns a successful gym and has a teenage daughter, Jessica, who’s hell-bent on making her life miserable. She is mate to Acan, God of Wine.

Matty: The infant daughter of Helena and Niccolo, destined to marry Andrus’s son.

Niccolo DiConti: General of the Vampire Army. Now that the vampire queen is dead, the army remains loyal to him. He shares power with his wife, Helena Strauss, and has a half-vampire daughter, Matty.

Penelope: Part angel and part human, Penelope is mated to Kinich. When he turned into a vampire, she inherited his sun god powers and became the Ruler of the House of Gods.

Reyna: The dead vampire queen.

Roberto (Narmer): Originally an Egyptian pharaoh, Narmer was one of the six Ancient Ones—the very first vampires. He eventually changed his name to Roberto and moved to Spain—something to do with one of Cimil’s little schemes. He now spends his days lovingly undoing Cimil’s treachery, being a stay-at-home dad, and taking her unicorn Minky for a ride.

Rys: Mate to Colel. He was allergic to bees and got stung, so Colel’s vampire brother had to save him. Colel gifted Rys the light of the gods and made him a demilord so now he’s just a big, bad, powerful immortal florist.

Sadie: Charlotte’s half-sister and mated to Andrus Grey, Sadie is an aspiring actress who discovered she’s also half succubus.

Távas: Once the king of the Maaskab who lived for killing and making thumb necklaces, he is now mated to Forgetty and has decided to modernize his evil ways. His first business venture is opening a chain of chicken wing restaurants. After that, he plans to go into video game production.

Tommaso: Once a soldier of the gods, called Uchben, Tommaso’s mind was poisoned with black jade. He tried to kill Emma, Votan’s mate, but redeemed himself by turning into a spy for the gods. He is now mated to Charlotte.

Tula: The incorruptible administrative assistant at Immortal Matchmakers, Inc.

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