My Pen Is Huge

The OHellNo Series Book #5

Coming SOON!

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, Comes a Saucy Minx of a Book, MY PEN IS HUGE.
(OHellNo #5 – Standalone.)

“This is a man’s game, love. So step aside.”

My name is Leland Merrick and I’m a dedicated journalist—born, raised, and schooled in England. But don’t let the nice suits and accent fool you. There isn’t a muddy jungle I won’t crawl through, a freezing iceberg I won’t float on, or a scorching desert I won’t cross to get a sensational story. But bloody hell! What was I thinking?

My friend convinced me to take on an intern as a means of getting a free assistant. But this American exchange student I hired, Gisselle, was smart (and not so bad looking) and caught on to my scheme. Little did I know she was watching and learning all my tricks with the intention of becoming a real journalist. Now, everywhere I turn, the little minx is there in her sexy outfits, trying to distract me and steal my stories.

This time, I’ve got to throw her off my scent because I’ve come across the big one! The once-in-a-lifetime story people will be talking about for decades.

Besides, who does she think she is? The weight of my pen carries credibility, years of journalistic experience, and a knack for telling a good story. My pen is huge. She should take her little play-pen home and give up before I crush her.

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