Merman Vacation

Our traveling merman has finally made it home after more than two years. Zoos, UK beaches, museums, conventions, cocktail parties, and COVID fun (lol) have been crossed off his bucket list. Honestly, though, I wish I had his life. So glamorous! But here’s a look back at some of his exciting stops. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who hosted him!

1st stop Australia w/ Leanne J.
– Roen had a photo with Australia’s most famous merman – he was even on a cool tv show called Mako Mermaids! 
-Found some friends at CapriCon
My new friend Leanne goes to  Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary  at least every 3 months so they have given me a personal tour and I got personal encounters with some new friends. 
2nd stop UK w/ Nicola H.
3rd stop UK w/ Helen K.
– “I seem to have washed up in a new place. I think it’s called Liverpool Bay”
-“I’ve already made a new friend. He says that he was made by the artist Anthony Gormley”
On my first outing with Amanda S. (UK) we went to see Robin Hood and I swung on his bow string. The castle was closed and they wouldn’t let me in even when I climbed the safety rail. So we went for afternoon tea with work colleagues of Amanda’s and then for a drink. Now I’m smashed.

Then I went with Anna S. (UK) and hit the supernatural convention, I tried German porn vodka, unicorn gin and played cards against humanity!
With Corrine P. (UK) I went to a beach-themed cheer leading practice and then spent an amazing time in sunny Bournemouth along the UK south coast and then headed off on my next adventure…
Gudrun B. (Canada) took me to the Indian Defense League of America annual Border Crossing Celebration in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The next day I went to see comedian Ryan McMahon in Fort Erie, ON. I enjoyed being on stage and with members of the audience before the show. The highlight however was having my picture taken with the star of the show, Ryan himself.
Roen has been on the road, visiting readers in my Facebook fan group since April! Australia, UK, and now Canada. Next stop, the US! Can’t wait to see what trouble he gets into.
Message from Roen:
Roen here again! I arrived with Jess who took me to this park with strange rock formations I had fun climbing these weird legs and relaxed on Stonehenge looking art work. Oh! Anybody notice my rocking jean jacket (she even embroidered my name on the back), Jess made it along with my new merman blanket, it’s getting cold here in Canada!
Hey, guys! Roen the merman here! I’ve been v isiting Michelle D. fro m Saskatchewan,Canada! Been a pretty relaxing time in this small town. I got to g o and see a small town parade. Man, these people do not disappoint! Just look at this candy I scored ! Anyway, I’m currently on my way to New York! I hope I get so see a show. Or maybe eat some of that famous pizza.
More to come!

Wet Regards,

It’s been ten months since Merman Roen packed his suitcase and took off on his #MermanVacation! He’s visited with 15 fans from across the world. Most recently Roen spent a lovely Christmas with Ann V. in Kentucky! He’s now in Alabama with Janna W. so more to come. Hopefully the weather won’t keep him indoors too much!
Our traveling merman continues to make his journey across the lands, visiting readers in their hometowns. Dang, I think he’s been on the road for almost a year now! (Australia, UK, Canada, and the US). Knock on wood, no one has lost him yet!

Anyway, he’s now in the great state of Louisiana with Teresa D., heading to Mardi Gras! Can’t wait to see how many beads he picks up for flashing those killer abs! He also sneaked into her book bag and went to school with her after hearing she was picking up some King Cakes for her classmates. Out of all the flavors, Bavarian chocolate and strawberry cheesecake, he really liked the chocolate!! Our merman has good taste.

Next he’ll be heading to Illinois with Trenna H! Safe travels to your next stop, Roen!
“I FOUND THE TREASURE!” Roen shouted at the top of his tiny lungs. “I may never leave here, this treasure is amazing!” he said and meant it literally while staying with Molly K. because on April 7th the state was put on lockdown. Only allowed to go out for essentials: food, gas, etc.

Luckily Roen was able to head out to his next stop with Leanne J. who is going to be sponsoring one of the animals at Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary tomorrow – this is where Roen has up close and personal interactions when he visited last year.

Leanne can have a small plaque placed on any enclosure and will be putting Roen’s name on the plaque!

How about a visit with a beautiful Albino Burmese Python? Scales gotta stay together!!! And my koala friend is Brady who is blind, one of my favorites at the park. He would not have survived in the wild but is now well over 10 years old!
After his visit with Leanne Roen arrived safe and sound with Ares and is enjoying some sun in Cleveland.

Roen went with her to work and on vacation where he visited some cool places in Cleveland!

Roen was supervising the yard clean up from a cherry tree and while taking a break in the shade, he met Athena (bottom right).

He also went for a ride with Gertie and Castle (left).
It’s been a few months since we updated you on Merman Roen’s travels. Fear not, he’s not lost, he’s been having the time of his life while we’ve all been in lockdown!

Roen the Merman has continued his vacation visiting his devoted fans. This time he went to see Christine K, in Clive and has already been introduced to NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman (a hot Cowboy 😋) and Christine’s ginormous inflatable Minky, a replica of Cimil’s unicorn who we’ll get to read about in my upcoming novel!!
He then went to visit Hannah R. ran some errands with her in the scorching summer heat.

He spent practically the entire time chilling with The Child learning the ways of the force. So fair warning to future hosts, if stuff starts moving around on its own it’s Roen.

And after a successful and responsible hand off, Roen went off to stay with Lisa W.

Good journey, little man. We’ll catch up to you in the next newsletter.
In the last newsletter, I let you all know that I was headed to see Lisa W. So far during my journey here in South Dakota I have seen lions, mountains, and bears (feel free to sing the Wizard of Oz while you say that). They even have a place to do indoor golf in the dark. Having a blast touring the countryside.

I also hiked up Devil’s Tower, Wyoming and then went through Custer State Park. We got to ride horses, and man are those things freakin’ huge!!! Then we drove through the bison heard. These things scared me when one ran toward us.
Then I went up sooo many steps!!! I can’t believe there were so many of them. They are trying to kill me with all this walking around.

Afterward the young one took me high in the trees. This little daredevil is nonstop fun. The zip line was a blast! Thoroughly enjoying my adventures!!

I’ve had so many adventures here, but I am also excited to go Kyla S. next!! Hope y’all enjoyed the fun pictures I took.

* Adventures narrated by Lisa W.

This last month, Roen (our merman king) went to Las Vegas with Barbara T!! He had lunch with her friends, then went on a ride to Red Rock Canyon. “It is so beautiful out there.” He visited the Vegas strip, where he kept asking to go to a strip club. “We will have to see about that,” said Barbara.

Roen also went camping with Penny P.L. in Utah! He took a ride to the top of Skyline Mountain, went swimming in a river, made s’mores and mermaid crafts, and helped redoing her craft room.

All in all, he had a great time, visiting with the humans in their strange habitats!

Next, he’s on to Seattle and three cities in California. Mexico is his last stop before coming back to me in AZ! I can’t wait to see his box, signed by so many people from all around the globe!

Roen is just a hop, skip, and jump away from coming back to Arizona. In this #mermanvacation update, Roen is welcomed to San Jose, CA by Orbit!   While staying with Orbit’s human, Shiboune, Roen learned how to use an embroidery machine so he could finish a baby quilt. He spent some time reading Accidentally Cimil on his new iPad, went to the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, talked to a weeping angel, tried his hand at the slot machines, and wooed the locals in the swimming pool at dusk. This has been a great adventure so far!

Roen all dressed for the party, got to know the local wild life in my home office and watched tv with Gracie.
He helped me at work each day using his new tech to research software fixes for me while I was on the phone.
Hi everyone Roen has finished his stay in Visalia CA. He is now on his way to Laura. Have a great visit Roen. #mermanvacation
Our adventure so far…
After meeting our tiny Cow, Roen went looking for my magic dungeon and came across my tiny penguin collection. He became more determined to find my shrink ray. He tried flirting with Belle but she was too interested in her book to notice the merman outside her box. Roen was not happy that I only had King on display. He rode in style inside child #4’s backpack as we browsed the antique stores. Walking down Main Street, we found Bernie chilling in the window of the local pottery spot. We had a blast at the small Norman and Vi Petty Rock and Roll Museum. Stay tuned for more small town fun. #mermanvacation
mermanvacation update

Took a week but I finally managed to convince Roen that I do not have a magic dungeon. I am just a crafter/artist who loves to create miniatures. I showed him a few of my favorite creations that I didn’t have the heart to part with. He is now on his way to his next destination with a new puppy. Safe travels Roen. We will miss you

We visited the 2nd largest zoo in New Mexico. Roen had fun playing dentist with the prop animals 😆 He kept wanting to pet the peacocks, ducks, and geese that were roaming freely but I advised against it. Don’t think Mimi Jean Pamfiloff would be pleased if I sent him back with peck marks. I think the giraffe was licking his/her lips at the sight of the merman.

He helped me with some garden work. Turned around for a second and Roen disappeared. He appeared a few minutes later with roses in his gardening bag. I don’t have roses in my yard 😳 Crazy Merman! He also tried to dig into my container potatoes. Had to explain that I don’t have magical dirt so my spuds will take some time to fully grow.

CLICK BELOW FOR LAST STOP VIDEO in MEXICO! And congrats, Roen, for making it home to Arizona after this!