RAISE your hand if you love book covers as much as I do!  I love them so much, that I try to have them well ahead of having the novel complete so that I can add little details into the story.

Is that weird?

I dunno!

BUT!  When my cover artist (Su at Earthlycharms.com–shameless plug) starting working on the KING TRILOGY, I told her I wanted a hot tuxedo man, who was a little scary, sitting on a throne. So here’s the FUN part!

I found the guy. She found a perfect chair. She put those two babies together and sent the mock ups with flames in the background.  “Hmmm….flames?” I said. “Well, that might be a little too hell-and-damnation.” When she came back with the wispy smoke it was perfect!

For KING FOR A DAY we couldn’t find the right picture for the model. I told her to go with an empty chair. MORE MYSTERIOUS and telling of the story! She said that was boring (in a nice way). Voila! A red shoe!  (Believe it or not, we tried out 3 different shoes!)  Voila! Red shoes written into the story. 🙂

In the end, Su choose 3 shades of “wisps” for each cover so readers could easily tell them apart. Later, when I was writing about Mia’s ability to see aura’s, the idea sparked to have the colors she saw on King match the covers. Aaaahhhh. Serendipity!

I really love working with the artist to create a cover that integrates into the story. CAN YOU SEE ONE FINAL DETAIL IN THE FINAL COVER that was NOT used in the book, but is symbolic? Which is it and what do YOU think it means?


HOPE TO HAVE SOME NEW covers for you soon!  But here’s our latest creation!  Yeah, that torn shirt is so going in the book!










Happy Reading!










  1. The read theme has carried on to KING he now has red wine and red tie. The reason? Maybe red is now his favorite colour?

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