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I guess the answer to that question depends on if you liked the book!  Right?

But a few folks out there were wondering about the length and pricing for KING’S and KING FOR A DAY.  It’s a GREAT question, actually. So here’s the scoop!! 

Because this 1st part of KING’S story turned out to be about 125,000 words (most of my full-length novels are around 85K), I broke the story into two parts.  SO…readers are getting an EXTRA LONG book for $4.98 (KING’S is only $.99 and KING FOR A DAY IS $3.99).  Also, I wanted my fans to be able to try out my new series without having to throw down $5.  The $.99 for KING’S was a good way to do that. 

I hope you enjoy!! – MIMI JEAN