Is $4.98 too much for a 125K Word Novel From a Bestselling Author?

I guess the answer to that question depends on if you liked the book!  Right?

But a few folks out there were wondering about the length and pricing for KING’S and KING FOR A DAY.  It’s a GREAT question, actually. So here’s the scoop!! 

Because this 1st part of KING’S story turned out to be about 125,000 words (most of my full-length novels are around 85K), I broke the story into two parts.  SO…readers are getting an EXTRA LONG book for $4.98 (KING’S is only $.99 and KING FOR A DAY IS $3.99).  Also, I wanted my fans to be able to try out my new series without having to throw down $5.  The $.99 for KING’S was a good way to do that. 

I hope you enjoy!! – MIMI JEAN 


8 thoughts on “Is $4.98 too much for a 125K Word Novel From a Bestselling Author?”

  1. No it is not to much. It is so worth the price. I just wish you have more books to read. Love you so much. Loved King

  2. No, the prince is just right and because of the author, I would even pay more. I enjoyed both books and looking forward to the 3rd. Hurry up and get that book out, I am sitting on pins and needles and I am seeing colors – PURPLE it is.

  3. I didn’t think so, and I LOVED THE BOOK! lol. The only people who would complain are the ones who don’t like these kinds of books, IMO. Can’t wait till the third one comes out and of course waiting for the last one for Accidently…..series. Love your stuff, can’t express it enough, LOVE, LOVE,LOVE these stories you have done.

  4. I do not think it is to much. I just remember before I got my nook how much I paid for paperbacks and hard covers. Personally I think when I get these e-books I get one hell of a deal.

  5. I would say that $4.98 is too much to pay for a 125k novel. However, I bought the first King trilogy book and enjoyed it so much that I bought the second one. Great books. I think that late in the year is a long time for the conclusion, though!

    1. I concur late in the year is a pretty long time to wait on the King conclusion. P.s. Can you please not make Mia as whiny in the conclusion, she’s seen and done so much now…please give her a little more “umph”.

  6. I’m finishing book one now, and excited to read book two. But I’m wondering if this series will follow the trilogy formula of a cliffhanger at the end of every book but the last… ? I don’t have the patience for this strategy as a whole, and if book two leaves a lot of loose ends, I’ll probably hold off on reading it until book three comes out. Otherwise I’ll likely be frustrated by the wait and just end up dropping the whole series, which would be a bummer because I find King to be a really fascinating antihero.

    Anyway — Thanks for writing such great characters! Stumbled on this with the .99 cent promotion without realizing I’d already read some of your work. Having read a couple from the “Accidentally Yours” series, I recognized your writing about halfway through book one. Glad to have found King!

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