If You Could Have One Wish, What Would it Be?

It’s an interesting question, right? I mean, it sounds easy at first, but when you really, truly start to think about it, the decision isn’t so straight forward. Do you wish for something completely selfless, like the cure to cancer? Do you wish for loads of money? Do you wish to undo the past or bring back a loved one? Maybe you’d wish to look a certain way or be young forever. So many choices!

In WISH, the heroine Ginnie must decide. Of course, she doesn’t really believe in magic or wishing or any of that, so when she finds a strange bottle with a note inside granting her one wish, she laughs it off.

But then a mysterious hot, hot man shows up, and he’s not so pleased about her refusal to play along.

I can’t give too much away, but let’s just say Mr. Wish will leave you guessing about what’s real and what’s not right along with Ginnie.

The truth, however, will throw you for a curve! (I hope?)

I WISH you a happy read!

With Love,


From New York Times bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes a sexy, complete standalone, Contemporary Romance.

If I could wish for one thing, it would be to have never met my ex. He took my money, cheated on me, and saddled me with an impossible mortgage.

Now, just as I’m fighting to put my life back together, I find an unusual bottle with a note inside: “You get one wish. Make it count.” Har har. Someone’s idea of a joke?

But nothing could prepare me for what comes next or for the screamin’ hot man with piercing blue eyes who shows up at my door, making demands.

I should slam the door in his sex-god face, because this guy has trouble written all over him. But I can’t. Suddenly I do have a wish…


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