CIMIL is coming Jan. 7th! Have you shelved her yet?

SNEAK PEEK at Cimil’s quiz! IF YOU LIKE, please shelve my book in your Goodread’s library! Trying to get to 500!!

Spot the Phony Cimil QUOTE:

1. “Welcome to my insane world. Please keep your hands inside the unicorn at all times.”
2. “Berty, you think you’re badass with that outfit? Your tiny manly parts will be on display when I dump you on the floor.”
3. “Shit is my middle name. Except on Wednesdays when I speak Klingon, then it’s baktag.”
4. “F***ing Cub Scouts. Give them some mistletoe and a few Christmas carols and they think they own the whole f***ing holiday!”
5. “Roberrrrrto, that man-skirt is not bringing sexy back.”
6. “Okay, I am a good goddess. I am a kind goddess, oh, hell. No, I’m not.”
7. “Oh! Pluck, Pluck, Eyeball is my favorite game! It’s like Duck, Duck, Goose… but with eyeballs!”
8. “Helpful is my middle name—except on Saturdays. Then it’s Jaaaasmine…”
9. “Roberto, baby, how many times do I have to tell you? You’re MUCH bigger than my unicorn!”
10. “You may be the big shot Pharaoh Narmer now, but you’re still not wearing my pretty pink skirt to the pyramid celebration no matter how well it swirls when you shift.”
11. “Hey, Roberto, baby, starting the goth craze early with all that eyeliner.”




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