Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. #6 (BRUTUS)

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WARNING: This book contains a smokin’ hot immortal warrior looking for his forever love, a vicious invisible unicorn, bad, bad, such bad language. Okay, and some sex. Fine, yes! Lots of sex! And a kitten, weird clowns, a bit of violence, unruly deities, Mayan priests who sell chicken wings, a DJ goddess who makes everyone forget their woes, some incubi (nice ones), leather pants (for men), terrible puns, a very randy ghost who’s desperate for her HEA, a sprinkle of evil mermen, a BIG plot twist even the author can’t see coming, and a ton of romancy kind of stuff.

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes BRUTUS, a Paranormal Romantic Comedy that will surely cause evil vampires to kidnap the author.

Can the World’s Toughest Immortal Warrior Win the Heart of the World’s Toughest Immortal Woman?

Brutus is not your average immortal warrior. He leads the gods’ army, he’s tough as nails, and his mind is so powerful, he no longer speaks to communicate with his men. Some call him telepathic; he just calls it being a badass.

But despite the many bloody battles and hard-won victories, this is one mission he’s not so sure about. There is a plague sweeping the immortal world. Gods, vampires, incubi—no one is safe, except for those with mates, and sadly, there just aren’t enough women to go around.

To keep the gods’ army intact, ready to protect the human world, Brutus must convince a group of ancient female warriors, located deep in the Amazon jungle, to return home with him, and…well…go on dates with his men.

But when the toughest, meanest, man-hating, sexiest woman of the group catches his eye, all he can think about is conquering her heart.